Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Methi Leaves Pappu(Dal)


ToorDal---1 cup

Tomatoes---2 No's

Green Chilly---8No's

Brinjal (EggPlant small)---2No's

Methi Leaves---1 bunch

Tamarind---Small portion

Turmeric---1 Tablespoon

Salt---As per taste

Mustard seeds---1Tablespoon


Jeera---1 Tablespoon

Chana Dal---1Tablespoon

UradDal---1 Tablespoon


Curry Leaves


1.Take 1cup of toordal in a cooker and wash it properly.

2.Add two cups of water to toordal and add turmeric.

3.Now,add tamarind,green chillies according to taste.

4.Add tomatoes,brinjal pieces to that.

5.Now clean the methi bunch and chop methi leaves and add them to the mixture.Now close the cooker and put it on the stove and wait for 6 vissils.after that switchoff the stove and wait until it cool down.

6.After that,add salt to taste and mix and make it into a paste.

7.Now for tampering,take a small pan and pour 3 spoons of oil.allow it to heat and add mustard seeds,while mustard seeds crackles,add jeera ,chanadal,urad dal,curry leaves,garlic and let them fry.

8.Finally add the whole tampering to dal mixture.Most colourful and tasty methi leaves dal is ready.Enjoy the dish with hot rice and ghee:)


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